Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ride at Cherokee Lone Pine Unit

Today we took the horses up to the same place we were last May. I guess this is an annual ride! Again, Brego was great. I was relaxed and enjoyed the ride with my good horse. It's so nice to finally be getting over the hump of fear or intimidation and feel comfortable with my horse. It's not that he's been bad, it's more me. It just took a long time to feel like I know what I'm doing and can handle my horse if the unexpected should happen.

This trail has several stream crossings. With spring runoff, the stream was just about up to Brego's belly & my feet, and running fairly swiftly. Each time, I watched Tim & Strider cross first. Sometimes Strider would stop in the middle and play in the water with his nose and paw with his feet. I was mostly watching the water level on his legs, concerned knowing that Brego's legs are shorter, but each time, we were good. Brego was a champ, going right through the stream. He seemed to look forward to it and was ready to go each time without hesitation. Bravo, Brego.

As Tim said, the thing that seemed to help me turn the corner and feel more relaxed was probably the time I've spent (finally) cantering and knowing I can turn, slow down and stop. It has taken some practice, but I'm finally feeling comfortable with these things, and know I'm more equipped to handle him if he should take off for whatever reason. Also, Brego is much more responsive to my cues, and I suppose I'm better at giving them. We seem to have a good partnership going. Sometimes when Tim & Strider were a bit ahead of us, I'd ask Brego to gait to catch up, which he seemed to enjoy. At other times when they were ahead, Brego would turn to look at me as if to ask, "Is it time to run and catch up now?" He did not take his own initiative to do it without being asked, which is wonderful.

I'm really enjoying this life of getting out and riding! I'll post photos when I have a chance.

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