Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Ride Out

My, oh my.  I haven't kept up this blog.

Brego is doing great. Yesterday we trailered out for our first ride of the season.  It's late.  We've been so busy with other projects, we just haven't had the time to get away. This year's horse vacations will be later on, so we haven't had pressing needs to get them conditioned.  We've had the horses out around the house a bit, but this was the first longer ride with hills.

But, yesterday was the day. Early in the day, we went nearby to Red Mountain Open Space. There are nice trails there and it gets high enough to enjoy cooler temperatures and a nice breeze. We enjoyed a beautiful, relaxing day, and rode about 10.5 miles. I think (or like to think) that the horses enjoy getting out and enjoying the different scenery as well.

It was quite a different ride from the first time we took Brego there!  He was still new to us and a bit untrained.  Of course, I've gained a lot of confidence, too. Yesterday's ride was quite comfortable for me, with never a worry or fearful or nervous moment. Brego was responsive to my cues, and was a real trooper for the first long ride and a challenging uphill climb. He just bears down and goes for it. On the uphill sections, he likes to just keep pushing, usually pretty close to Strider's rear--it seems Strider isn't going fast enough on the uphills. At other times, particularly when Tim & Strider are going at a good speed on the flats either walking or gaiting, Brego seems to take 3 steps to every 2 of Strider's just to keep up, with his shorter legs.  He really gets a workout, but seems to enjoy it.

Great day.  I look forward to more, now that some of the projects are getting done.